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CLIENT: Paper Moon London 


Paper Moon is a renowned global Italian restaurant known for its elegant ambiance and authentic Italian cuisine, offering a sophisticated dining experience. This project is located in the heart of historic Westminster at London’s iconic Old War Office (OWO) building.

Paper Moon London was to be the first of its chain within the UK. 


The Vault is Ashridge House's former Evidence Room, a secure and fireproof safe room which now holds The Vault bar. Serving an array of beverages including signature cocktails which tell historical stories of the house to local craft beers produced in one of the world's most sustainable brewing kits in Warwickshire, The Vault evokes old school glamour. 

Vision Commercial Kitchens have worked with Ashridge House on previous projects and so were delighter to assist with their newest venture; The Vault. EF Architecture Design are working with Ashridge House to manage the development works, they therefore planned, designed and brought The Vault project together. Vision provided the design for the bar based on their requirements and provided the equipment and stainless steel required for behind the bar. The finished project is an excellent addition to Ashridge House, which truly evokes the history and grandeur of this prestigious building. 



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