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CLIENT: The Pheasantry Cafe, Bushy Park


Vision Commercial Kitchens began work on this project after previously working with Colicci on numerous other projects.


The Pheasantry Café is located in Bushy Park, a large royal park in South West London. Known for its picturesque landscapes, the park offers a variety of recreational activities such as walking, cycling and picnicking.The new café would facilitate the catering needs of the park visitors, and has been shortlisted for 2 international design awards.


The client wanted to undertake a full refurbishment of their existing facility to significantly enhance the customer experience and menu offer to align more with its brand strategy.

The project at The Peasantry necessitated a strip out and removal of existing kitchen equipment to facilitate a complete upgrade, with additional refurbishment to their ice cream kiosk. The brief outlined the requirement to follow the design principles of previous work with Colicci, focusing on operational layout and food concepts. Additionally, they client also required an upgrade and enhancement of their existing refrigeration storage facilities.

Augmentation of the equipment and layout was essential to align with the new menu design and deliver more efficient kitchen operations. We introduced a new front-of-house bar and servery area, prioritising aesthetics while meeting operational needs to both the main restaurant and ice cream kiosk. Within the ice cream kiosk, Vision selected a specialist Carpigiani ice cream display system to ensure that all requirements were met with high quality and reliability.



The construction of new walls, floors, and ceilings necessitated the removal of all equipment from the site. The client's wish to repurpose specific existing equipment presented logistical challenges during installation. We had to remove this equipment for cleaning and servicing before reintegrating it onto the site, all of which required careful coordination within the construction timeline and delivery of new equipment. However, thanks to effective coordination, the installation phase progressed smoothly despite the typical challenges encountered in any project.


“Having experienced outstanding service from Vision Commercial Kitchens during a previous kitchen project, we were eager to engage their expertise once again for the upgrade of our Bushy Park location. We entrusted Vision with the task of transforming our existing kitchen to align with the requirements of our new menu, as well as refurbishing our ice cream kiosk. Throughout the entirety of the project, Vision's collaboration and meticulous attention to detail were truly exceptional. They demonstrated a remarkable ability to work seamlessly with all stakeholders involved, ensuring that our vision was not only met but surpassed. We were thoroughly impressed with Vision's professionalism, expertise, and commitment to delivering outstanding results. We are confident in their ability to consistently exceed expectations, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for any future projects.”

Rob Colicci, Director of Colicci

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