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Meals ready to be served

Fifteen restaurants in the UK were last week names as new recipients of Michelin stars, while two of the country's finest restaurants were promoted to two-star status.

The first of these two was Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, led by Head Chef Ashley Palmer-Watts, and Vision are proud to have installed the kitchen at this restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, London. 

The second was The Greenhouse, which showcases Arnaud Bignon's technically impressive and innovative cooking, were both upgraded from one to two Michelin stars. 

The 15 new one-stars include Wilks, an unpretencious neighbourhood restaurant in Bristol, and Campagne, a contemporary Kilkenny restaurant run by a dedicated couple. 

The producers of the 2014 Michelin guide said that there had been no end to the number of new restaurant openings this year, with London, in particular, cementing its reputation as one of the most exciting cities in the world for food. 

What Vision found particularly interesting were these comments from the guide's editor, Rebecca Burr, who said: 'In the last year we've seen the rise of relaxed counter dining but also the opening of some big brasseries. Dining is becoming a less structured, less formal affair and opening times and menus are more flexible to reflect the way we live our lives. Single concept restaurants focusing on one or two dishes have continued to open'.

Great comments on the hot trends in catering at present. 

The 2014 Michelin Guide is officially available from bookshops from 4th October 2013.

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