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CLIENT: Baha Bowness

PROJECT LOCATION: Windermere | North West

Our client had a clear vision for Baha Bowness which was to establish a music bar in the Lakes with a sophisticated city-vibe. Vision worked on the main kitchen and also the front of house bars alongside IMC.

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With the property stretching across three floors, the client wished to create a main bar on the first floor which would offer a contemporary menu including sharing dishes and brunch, a tasting house and grill on the second floor offering international-themed dishes including a large fish selection and finally a VIP bar area on the top floor that can be privately hired.



The building had some structural and locational limitations which presented issues that Vision had to overcome. For example, the ceiling had a very low height and was being held up by beams so the extract system had to be carefully designed to fit around them. Additionally, initial plans to extend the kitchen to accommodate refrigeration and dry stores would no longer be possible so enough bulk storage space had to be incorporated within the kitchen itself.

With plans to only have one main kitchen and serve two different styles of menu over two floors, the design very much had to revolve around the dumbwaiter. This was key so that service times and food quality were not compromised when orders came in from the ground floor lounge bar due to it being further from the kitchen.

Vision worked with sub-contractors Archers to install the kitchen and bars. Although equipment and fabrication had to enter the building via the rear because access was limited, installation ran smoothly with no delays and Baha opened on time.


'We knew exactly what we wanted Baha to achieve from the very beginning and that was to bring something unique to The Lake District. Initial ideas were laid out over 3 years ago; we didn't want to rush and needed to get it right. Vision played a huge part in this and their involvement was extremely valuable to us. The building was very tricky and the scenic nature of Bowness meant designs had to change over the process but Vision were always able to come up with an alternative that worked.

We thank Vision for helping us to create an establishment that is truly unrivaled in the area.'

- Kay Hargreaves-Mann, Hargreaves Enterprises Ltd.

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