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CLIENT: Balfour Winery


Balfour Winery is one of England’s most respected and renowned wineries, combining world-class winemaking with a spirit of innovation. Located on Hush Heath Estate, Balfour invites guests to indulge in wine tasting experiences complemented by a diverse range of dining choices, spanning from casual lunches to exquisite A La Carte menus. Balfour wines are one of the few UK wineries supplying to the likes of Marks and Spencer’s, and they export UK wine internationally.


Vision Commercial Kitchens were chosen to reconfigure the original kitchen of Balfour Winery to align with the development of their new menu. The original kitchen became too small to keep up with demand, necessitating the need to expand and upgrade the space to allow for the client to grow their services.

Responding to the client's wish to upscale their kitchen space, we seized the opportunity to utilise an unused storeroom for this expansion. By reconfiguring the existing kitchen layout and incorporating this additional space, we crafted a fully operational kitchen layout. The kitchen consisted of existing usable equipment, and so to enhance the new kitchen, we focused on additional fabrication and introducing a new combination oven, pizza oven, extra refrigeration and preparation space. These decisions allowed for the client to integrate their new menu offerings.

The client requested energy-efficient equipment, and Vision made sure that not only were they energy-efficient, but also that the kitchen design ensured an ergonomic kitchen. We opted for a Rational combi and ensured that both the existing and new areas of the kitchen were entirely electric, meeting their specifications and contributing to a streamlined and efficient operation.

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As we were working within 2 different areas of kitchen, the main challenge we had was the integration of new and existing equipment into both spaces. This demanded meticulous project management to ensure a cohesive outcome.

In the existing kitchen, our task involved incorporating new equipment, such as combination ovens, into the established layout. This required careful coordination of extraction systems to align with the placement of new equipment under the canopy. Furthermore, it entailed reconfiguring the existing kitchen layout to accommodate adequate walkway space and the installation of new mechanical and electrical (M&E) services.

Additionally, in the new kitchen area, our focus shifted to integrating the client's existing equipment into the design. This necessitated collaboration with builders to erect new walls and configure the space into a fully operational kitchen, optimising layout and efficiency. We ensured our design allowed for seamless integration with additional construction, effectively communicating these requirements to the contractors.


“We are incredibly pleased with the service and expertise provided by Vision Commercial Kitchens. The expansion of our kitchen has allowed us to diversify our menu offerings and further enhance the customer experience. Vision understood the importance of maintaining the visual standards of our Winery and went to great lengths to ensure that the aesthetic of the area remained uncompromised. Their team demonstrated professionalism and innovative thinking to reach our requirements. We would recommend Vision for any future projects.”

Lee Hart, Operations Director at Balfour Hospitality

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