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CLIENT: Barton Grange Garden Centre

PROJECT LOCATION: Preston | North West

Since Vision designed and supplied the original dish wash system at Barton Grange back in 2008, the Riverside Cafe's popularity has meant that the size has since trebled its average 360 seat capacity per day.

The brief for the project by Barton Grange's Executive Chef, Fil Ruscitti was to design a system that allowed the staff to unload the clearing trolleys in a safer, quicker and more efficient manner. It was also important that delivering the dirty baskets into the machine required minimal input from the Kitchen Porters and that the hourly capacity of 115 racks per house was increased to 225 racks per hour.

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After many meetings with Vision's Business Development Director, Chris Rouine and numerous visits to a variety of establishments to look at the different styles of systems available, it was decided that a Meiko foward sorting dish-wash table design was to be incorporated into the kitchen. This system means that no lifting is involved for the staff as the basket is simply loaded and then slid onto a conveyorised roller table directly behind and fed directly into the machine.

Although there was plenty of space within the kitchen to incorporate the new dishwash system, the machine was nearly double the length of the previous unit and also included a heat pump and dryer section. Despite these additions, the client's original electric supply did not increase due to the machine's energy efficiency. The new system also means that the client will benefit from considerable savings on detergent and rinse aid usage.

Barton Grange have been using the new system since February 2015 and reported that they since had their busiest day of the year on Mother's Day.

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Barton grange dishwasher (2).jpg


'Due to the increasing popularity of our restaurant, our dishwashing system was working at full capacity and it became obvious that the existing system could not cope with the extra demand.

We have extensive previous experience with Vision and a good working relationship and so we knew that we could rely on them to provide a solution to our dishwashing facilities. Vision took the time to fully understand our requirements and ensured that they designed the best possible solution.

The system which Vision have installed is fantastic, it provides consistent cleaning results every time. The rate that crockery is washed at can be increased which is perfect for us as it means that the system will still be more than capable of coping with a further increase in numbers. Once again it was a pleasure to work with such a helpful and professional company as Vision.'

- Fil Ruscitti, Executive Chef, Barton Grange Garden Centre

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