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CLIENT: Far Rockaway


Far Rockaway is an American style restaurant and bar serving New York inspired cuisine in London.

Within this project, Vision were presented with the challenge of designing and installing a kitchen which would be suitable to provide the standard of cuisine which was expected to be delivered within an urban, New York style environment.

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There was a restricted amount of kitchen space available in comparison to the space the required equipment was expected to use. Therefore, Vision had to display creative thought in terms of design and equipment selection.


The inclusion of a pizza oven was mandatory and so Vision chose the Cuppone Evo corner pizza oven which gave the ability to create exceptional pizzas and was also able to be accommodated within the small kitchen space. The pizza oven along with the Josper Grill and other general cooking equipment put demands on the existing extract ductwork. Vision therefore had to liaise with the M&E consultants to ensure that the requirements for a comfortable working environment could be achieved.


Vision met the brief given for Far Rockaway by clearly understanding the catering offer and its requirements. Vision's sales team worked with the chefs who had been specially trained in New York to ensure the authenticity of this specialist cuisine. 

Within this project Vision worked with a client who installed over 2,500 skateboards onto the ceiling of the restaurant to ensure it provided an urban New York environment. Such a client required a kitchen designer and supplier who can provide innovation and creativity.

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