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CLIENT: Forest Lodge Garden Centre

PROJECT LOCATION: Surrey | South East

Forest Lodge is an independent Garden Centre which has been in the family of Managing Director, Roger Head for many decades. The team at Forest Lodge offer a high level of service and expertise and their restaurant reflects this ethos.

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The journey to Forest Lodge's new restaurant began two years prior to completion. Roger had plans for a sophisticated catering offering with an emphasis on quality and above all a fantastic customer experience. Vision assisted Roger to develop the restaurant concept by advising on spatial planning, interior design and the design of the foodservice and kitchen area. 

The project was a turnkey service in every sense of the word as aside from constructing the actual building, Vision provided every aspect of the design, equipment and installation. Vision's work at Forest Lodge included: the floor coverings in the main restaurant, walkways and kitchen, construction of the kitchen, design and construction of the food counters, the seating plan and furniture throughout right down to the fine details of the cutlery, crockery and food display dishes. Vision even supplied personalised chef uniforms to the team. 



The counter layout was a key aspect of the design process as Roger wanted to ensure that the counters provide a 'wow' factor and that the customer's experience is enjoyable from the moment they enter the restaurant. The finished layout features innovatively designed counters which are split into various stations for different types of cuisine, including hand crafted sandwiches and fresh crisp salads, sumptuous carvery options and a delicious cake display, all made in-house from locally sourced and traceable ingredients. 

The layout of the counters ensures that the service is customer focused as there are various different counter points depending upon the type of cuisine, therefore significantly reducing queuing times. This creates a more dynamic and interesting environment throughout your journey from initially entering the restaurant to sitting down and enjoying a meal.

Vision managed the entire project and worked alongside the well-established and highly skilled teams at Ward Interiors, JQ Contracts and Harris Restaurant Consultants to once again provide a full design-equip-fit complete turnkey project and most importantly, the project was delivered on time and within budget.


'We chose Vision after much research into their ability to deliver a project to a high specification but also to ensure the investment was appropriate for our business plans. 

From our initial ideas, the team at Vision and the Contractors they recommended ensured we designed and built a new restaurant that would meet our high standards. 

A tremendous amount of hard work and commitment was necessary to complete the project within a tight build schedule and within budget. 

We would like to thank everyone involved in making this project a great success, we now have a fantastic new restaurant that is much admired and is already exceeding our financial expectations.'

- Roger Head, Managing Director, Forest Lodge Garden Centre

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