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CLIENT: Fortnum & Mason Piccadilly


Vision Commercial Kitchens began working on this project after having worked with Fortnum & Mason on numerous projects in the last 10 years. Commencing in 2021, this project was completed successfully over a span of two years.

This project took place at their flagship store in London between on the 3rd floor and included their food and drinks studio, the 3’6 bar and their distillery. This would add an innovative and unique space for consumers, transforming the functionality of the space.  


The objective of this project was to integrate sustainability and innovation to elevate the customer experience at their flagship store in London. This involved the creation of an immersive experiential hub on the third floor, designed to be multifunctional and interactive, complemented by the 3'6 bar, offering relaxing daytime dining with an atmospheric night-time ambiance.

The vision for the third floor encompassed a versatile space capable of hosting a variety of events, necessitating a multipurpose kitchen for product developments, demonstrations, private dining, masterclasses, livestreaming, launch events and panel discussions. Aesthetic appeal was paramount in the design process to enhance consumer experience and align with the clients branding.

Additionally, the 3rd floor would house a new gin distillery, aiming to enhance the customer experience through visually appealing design while accommodating the functional aspects of gin making, customer personalisation, and sensory experiences. Vision meticulously considered the space's purpose to fulfill the various functions outlined in the brief, selecting visually appealing products, utilising commercial and domestic appliances to cater to a broad audience and serve as both a production and theater space.

3'6 Bar Seating.jpg

3'6 BAR

Despite not being initially included in the project brief, it was decided midway through to renovate the area previously occupied by the original 3'6 bar to align it with the concept of the 3rd floor food and drinks studio. The intention was to update and refurbish the space to create a relaxing daytime environment suitable for work, rest and play.

In the 3'6 bar, meticulous coordination was undertaken to integrate a remarkable ceiling system and back bar, creating a visually stunning 3D art-like effect to enhance the ambiance of the area.


This project followed a visual-centric brief, allowing Vision to explore innovative and creative solutions to meet the client’s needs. The addition of the 3rd floor has introduced an immersive hub to the Fortnum & Mason flagship store, advancing their customers experiences. Vision were able to collaborate with numerous specialists to craft a space which offers personalised distillery making, a studio for various events and a relaxing daytime dining experience. This has added further value to the department store.

3'6 bar f&m.jpg
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