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CLIENT: Future Tech Studio

PROJECT LOCATION: Warrington | North West

Future Tech is a Studio School, a new type of state school for 14-19 year olds of all abilities, designed to better prepare young people for the working world.

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Vision have recently completed work at a cafe within Future Tech Studio. The cafe counter had to be bright and appealing to younger users, it also had to include a self contained cooking area on the back bar for food to be prepared and then served directly from the counter itself.

The design for the cafe fit-out was undertaken by Vision's in-house design team. As the space allocated for the counter and back bar was a specific, fixed area, Vision's design had to be innovative in order to ensure that all necessary equipment could be included. Vision ensured that all work was completed to the client's satisfaction and to meet the required deadline.


The installation of the equipment took place over 4 days and was ran by two teams - the main equipment installation team and a team of joiners for the counter and back bar counter. There was a quick turnaround for the installation as it would usually take 6 weeks to build the counter however the timescale allocated was just 4 weeks. Despite this challenge, Vision ensured that the installation ran smoothly and was completed to the client's satisfaction.

The allocated Project Manager frequently visited the site to ensure that all services were being run to the correct points and the Key Account Manager visited site regularly to check on the progress with the client whilst also maintaining contact with the client throughout the project. 


'We have worked with Vision before on numerous occasions and have always been extremely impressed with the quality and efficiency of their work. We were very pleased that Vision were able to work on our exciting servery counter within Future Tech as we knew that we could rely on them to produce another high quality facility. 

The counter they produced is bright and visually appealing which is necessary within a school environment. They went the extra mile to ensure that our very tight deadline was met whilst never compromising on quality. Even when they faced the issue of having to build the counter around a structural column, which they weren't previously aware of, they quickly adapted the design and didn't allow this to hinder their progression.

This innovative thinking ensured that the project was completed on time. We only had a small area to work with and there was a lot of equipment and services to fit in so the counter Vision designed met our criteria perfectly. The counter is multi-functional which allows us to prepare and serve meals from one area, which is extremely useful within a busy school environment. The school is now up and running and the staff find it a great set up to work in, the students all love it especially the colour, and the Head of the School even commented how good a job Vision have done.

Vision are a very friendly and professional company to work with, once again we were extremely pleased with the work they carried out and we would definitely use them again.'

- Catherine Westwood, Catering Manager

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