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CLIENT: Summerseat Garden Centre


Vision worked with the client to advise them on the development of their catering facilities at Summerseat Garden Centre.​

Initially the client's plan was to build a new structure for a brand new coffee shop, however after 12-18 months of planning; the idea had to be abandoned. At this point, the decision was made to develop within the existing structure.

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The client had an 86 cover, intimate cafe which was successful; however, if anything they were too busy. Therefore the most important element of the brief was to increase their capacity and reduce queuing times. The client knew they needed to expand and develop but they were very keen that the new designs were sensitive towards their existing customers who had been loyal for many years. As it was crucial that the garden centre experienced no downtime in their operation, Vision were able to assist the client in setting up a temporary operation. 

With Vision's help and expertise, Summerseats developed their plans, ensuring that every decision was carefully thought through. They were keen to maximise their space and operation. The introduction of a deli counter and bakery allowed the client to extend their menu offer but also feed into a new farm shop so customers had the option to take produce away.

Vision installed a freezer room, coldroom and dry store as part of an external building and also provided furniture and advised on interiors and colour schemes. 

Within Vision's guidance, Summerseats has grown to approximately 160 covers, kept existing customers happy, attracted new customers and extended their offering. Further to this, the client noticed an uplift in the overall garden centre sales figures, as well as those of the coffee shop.

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'With Vision's guidance we have grown to 141 covers, kept existing customers happy, attracted new customers and extended our offering. Vision's garden centre industry experience was invaluable. I have to say Vision hit the right level of communication. They were neither pushy nor difficult to get hold of. They always presented the options, based on their experience and then allowed us the time to digest and make our decision.

The comments have all been very positive. In fact we haven't had one bad remark. Vision have delivered a scheme that allows for future development and we are already thinking about what we might like to do next. We are delighted with the turnkey solution new coffee shop which now allows us a space to engage with the local community. 

I really cannot think how we could have done it better. We took our time, and listened to Vision's advice. It is a joy to have regular customers delighted with the new space and thinking it is a credit to the garden centre as a whole.'

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