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CLIENT: Trioscape Garden Centre

PROJECT LOCATION: Gloucestershire | South West

This is the second project Vision have undertaken at Trioscape Garden Centre, with the client choosing to use Vision again for a refurbishment of the existing facilities to cater for a further 100 covers. 

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Due to popularity, the client decided a renovation was needed to increase overall efficiency and capacity. In the kitchen, the emphasis was on storage and dishwashing as these were the areas suffering most. Vision fitted a brand new cold room and freezer as well as replacing their old dishwash system with a Meiko twin hood pass through unit. This would help them meet a higher volume of orders and cope better with dirties being returned from the restaurant. Vision also relocated the cookline, developed the centre island and included a new pastry section to give a better overall kitchen design.


At the front of house, the servery counter was extended and re-designed and a hot pass introduced. All of this would allow the restaurant to offer a wider menu and improve queueing times. With the help of Square One, Vision were able to re-work the existing counter and give it a more modern looking finish.

In order for the restaurant to remain open during installation, the team worked swiftly and were conscious of minimalising the impact on customer experience. The client were pleased with the way this was done and were just as impressed with the finished project as the first time around.


'Vision have done a wonderful job and we are glad we chose to work with them again because it not only looks better, it operates so much better. As we got busier we needed to address the demand but in a way that was cost effective. Vision's initiative and design expertise helped us transform the restaurant within budget and we're very happy with the outcome.'

- Gemma Byrne, General Manager at Trioscape

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