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UPDATE - 18/03/20

These are unprecedented times, and as a business community we are entering into a stage of the unknown. Our main priorities are firstly the safety of our staff and the mitigation of risk due to the number of in-house staff and secondly the ability to keep operating the business as normal.

Following on from our message last week, we have now implemented stage 2 of our contingency plan which involves moving to remote working for a large proportion of in-house staff. This takes into account those with childcare requirements and any potential underlying issues as well as mitigating internal risk to those staff continuing to work from our head office.

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure our clients that as it stands it is business as usual and we are still transacting business. We are lucky to be in a strong financial position and have contingencies in place to enable us to support our customers.

As things develop, we will continue to review our plan and adjust accordingly with the aim of keeping our staff safe and with the view to trade as normal.

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