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Vivo uses the finest regional Italian ingredients to create a selection of freshly prepared dishes within a stylish, modern environment.

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The original brief for Vivo was to design, supply and install the kitchen and bar areas. The client had a very clear vision of what they wanted to achieve which was a high end bakery offering handmade breads and pastries of the highest quality. Due to the excellent relationship which Vision soon developed with the client. The brief soon evolved into the development of a counter as well as the supply of a coldroom and air conditioning for the kitchen.

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The client wanted the customer to be impressed at every opportunity, from the food to the environment and the design of the counter was paramount in providing a wow factor for the customers. The architect for the project had visions of an impressive, monolithic block style counter which would give the impression of being one single piece of glass with no visible joins - which is exactly what Vision delivered in the form of a 14 metre long granite food counter which showcases Vivo's freshly prepared produce.

The client wanted complete control over the quality of their products therefore everything had to be produced on site. The site also had a prominent high street location and so they would have to produce a high volume of produce. Therefore, the kitchen equipment had to be of a high quality in order to withstand this demand. Vision successfully designed and installed a large amount of kitchen equipment within a small space in order to meet this demand.


Vision Commercial Kitchens have provided an invaluable service in the development of our bakery cafe bar.

We had very strong ideas of what we wanted from the outset and these have been understood and realised by the team. We asked for the counter to deliver the wow factor and it certainly does this. With at time, difficult site conditions and several features of our project that needed tight supervision, Vision have done exceptionally well to deliver on all aspects whilst keeping to strict deadlines. 

What started a request for a quote for our kitchen and bar design soon grew to a large order, incorporating many aspects of our project. This was because we knew we could trust and rely upon Vision.'

- Will Thompson, Director, Vivo Taste Limited

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