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3 Things to consider before buying warewashing equipment

Warewashers are not a ‘one size fits all’ piece of equipment and without the correct advice, you could end up with a machine that has lower specifications than required or indeed, a machine that has more bells and whistles than is needed. There are a few things worth considering before deciding on your purchase…

Understand your demand

Planning in advance is essential. Understanding the required throughput and size of machine needed is vital for caterers to consider when buying new equipment. This is to ensure that the machine selected can keep up with demand, both now and in the future.

Electric and Water requirements

Another important factor to consider is any electrical and water requirements, which each have an effect on how efficiently the machine will perform. Low power options, whilst necessary in some cases, will take longer to heat water to the required temperatures using the electrical elements. Whilst low water pressure could prolong the time it takes to fill the machine. You must understand your operational needs when purchasing new warewashing equipment in order to maximise their full potential, this is why it’s recommended to speak to an expert who can advise on the best equipment to suit your individual operation.

Return on investment

Arguably one of the most important aspects to consider is the return on investment. As with most consumer goods, a better specified option may have a higher initial cost. Although this may deter your decision, the increased performance will ultimately save costs and make the investment worthwhile. Invest now to benefit later!

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