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How to successfully operate your commercial refrigerator

A commercial refrigerator's performance depends on how well it is maintained. While investing in a high-quality machine is crucial, it's equally important to prioritize maintenance to maximize its potential and keep your kitchen running smoothly. Here are a few things to keep in mind after you've purchased your commercial refrigerator...

1. Regular cleaning

In order to successfully operate your new refrigerator, we recommend a regular cleaning routine alongside keeping on top of your commercial refrigeration service and maintenance.

2. Operate in a well-ventilated area

It is important that your refrigerator is placed and running in a well-ventilated space. This will enable the machine to function at its best by preventing energy wastage, avoiding a temperature rise, maintaining safe storage conditions and preventing damage to the surrounding cabinets.

3. Ensure doors are always kept shut

It is crucial to keep the doors of your refrigerator securely closed at all times for day-to-day maintenance. This ensures a consistent and safe environment for your food. Effective stock management is essential as an overfilled refrigerator can compromise the security of your food and increase energy consumption.

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