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4 Things to consider before buying new equipment

Commercial Kitchen equipment is an investment, so you want to ensure that you're making the right decisions that are correct for your operation before committing to a purchase. Whether it's a small or large piece of equipment, there are a few things worth considering before deciding on your purchase...


It may seem obvious but one of the most important things to consider when buying equipment is the number of covers you will be cooking for and how varied your menu is. It is important to consider how you will prepare all the elements, e.g. how multi-functional do you need your equipment to be and will you be using it for all its functions. This is also where cost fits in as you want to invest in something robust and of good quality but that sits within your needs. You should consider what impact a piece of equipment will have on your operations if you bought it. For example, if it will speed up the process of some menu items, it is likely to be worth purchasing.

Warranties and Maintenance

Something else to consider would be warranties. Together with spare parts and service back-up support, these should always be considered as part of the procurement process. It should not be underestimated as to how important this is, particularly regarding spare parts access and availability. With all equipment, if you want to get the most out of your units and prolong their life, be sure to have them serviced regularly. It's definitely worth considering investing in a planned preventative maintenance plan, this way you know that your equipment will be kept in the best possible working order and will be serviced at the correct times.

Environmental Considerations

Doing your research is critical when it comes to considering environmental impacts because ensuring you buy the right capacity equipment for your kitchen that can cope with a busy service but isn't too big for what you need will contribute significantly to energy efficiency. It's no secret that catering equipment such as ovens, fridges and warewashers have become more economically friendly and therefore a lot cheaper to run. Although updating old equipment can seem like a huge upfront cost, you will no doubt be saving a lot of money over time if you make the investment. In recent years, environmental considerations have been a big driving force in the development of kitchen equipment. Not only does this mean that there are an abundance of equipment options which are better for the environment, but they also significantly reduce the operating costs for catering establishments.

Specialist Advice

Engaging specialist advice is a great place to start. Adapting your catering facilities is an investment and you want to ensure that you are doing everything possible to make it a success. Specialist advise allows you to effectively consider future proofing so that the designs for your kitchen and front of house will grow with your business plans.

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