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Why use a commercial kitchen design company?

When planning a redesign or updating your commercial kitchen, you may be tempted to plan and source equipment independently. However, there are many reasons why choosing a specialist commercial company like Vision Commercial Kitchens could be the best choice and help you save in the long run as commercial kitchen systems and installations can be incredibly complex.


Specialist companies like Vision Commercial Kitchens are extremely knowledgeable - they know the process inside out and therefore will be invaluable in understanding your procedures, layout and menu. With back of house, efficient use of space is key both in terms of equipment that is multifunctional and where this equipment will reside in comparison to other areas. Additionally, they can offer technical expertise on things such as extraction systems, extract supply and flow rate, M&E (mechanical & electrical information) and can dovetail into your design team to ensure that the project is looked at holistically. Such considerations are where a specialist company will be invaluable in assisting you with the planning of your new facility or redesigning your existing facility.


Using a specialist kitchen and servery design company means that you can get unbiased advice and valuable knowledge in terms of catering equipment brands which is not restricted to one specific manufacturer. Therefore, they can consider all requirements to ensure they design the best possible catering environment based on the specific equipment requirements which will be most beneficial to your establishment, and at the optimum cost and/or budget.

Project Management

Specialist kitchen and servery design companies like Vision, also manage the whole design and fit out process and can work alongside your other specialist trades such as Main Contractor, fit-out contractor and mechanical and electrical installation companies to offer support along the way to ensure that your new design or redesign exactly meets your requirements. Vision Commercial Kitchens provide 3D visuals on every one of our projects, meaning you can fully visualise what your finished kitchen will look like. We can also offer training and a planned preventative service programme for your equipment after the initial fit out. If appliances are used improperly or are not serviced regularly enough, you will find yourselves having to replace heavier duty items more often that necessary, costing you more in the long run. Using the services of a specialist company will provide peace of mind that all aspects of your design or redesign are covered and managed effectively.


Specialist kitchen design companies like Vision have vast experience in a variety of projects of different scales and therefore will have an intuitive knowledge on what works and doesn't work in varying spaces. Don't be afraid to seek references and examples of previous schemes - not only will this provide you with peace of mind in terms of the company's workmanship and expertise, but it may also give you ideas for your kitchen designs, extensions and future proofing. Although it is always best to begin the planning process as early as possible, if this is not feasible then choosing a reliable catering design and supply company with a proven track record is highly recommended.

Overall, commercial kitchen design companies like Vision Commercial Kitchens can offer experienced, impartial advice and knowledge, as well as providing you with the peace of mind that your project is efficiently managed from the initial design all the way through to completion.

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