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The importance of service & maintenance

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

The sale and handover of kitchen equipment might mean the end of a project or transaction, but it signifies the start of the life of the equipment. This makes preventative maintenance an integral part of looking after your equipment and minimises the chances of it breaking down at the wrong time...

Despite its importance, many establishments will invest in expensive pieces of equipment and not plan regular maintenance. This results in a shortened life expectancy of the product and repair bills being more expensive. Furthermore, regulations state that gas appliances must be maintained at least once per year in order to check that it is running safely and efficiently.

Vision Commercial Kitchens take after-sales responsibility very seriously, which is why they offer service and maintenance programmes to keep your equipment in the best working order and to ensure your business is complying to gas-safe legislation. All equipment supplied through Vision Commercial Kitchens comes with a manufacturer's warranty, which the company manages on your behalf. Each individual item is given its own unique ID number, which is loaded onto our own service management system and is accessible by our service team. The information includes all equipment details, when the item was installed and the manufacturer's warranty details, so Vision can advise you when service charges are not covered.

When this happens, Vision adopt a "facilities management" style approach to the breakdown. Rather than send a generic catering engineer to every piece of equipment, Vision arrange for the most suitable engineer to attend. This is often the manufacturer themselves which maximises the chance of the problem being solved on the first visit through increased expertise and availability of van spares stock.

Many of our customers are now investing in our preventative maintenance packages and are now starting to see fewer break-downs. This has meant happier staff, who are not put under additional pressure when a piece of equipment is unavailable to them because it's broken down and their service provider must order parts, as ordering of spares will extend the down time before its back up and running. Of course, human error still occurs and through heavy use there can be unexpected failures. Vision Commercial Kitchens understand this and can react effectively, dealing with emergency call outs as soon as possible to minimise disruption during peak times.

When it comes to maintaining your equipment, efficient cleaning is also extremely important. If equipment is not cleaned regularly and properly, it is more likely to have problems and require a call out as it won't work as effectively as it could be. Therefore it is essential to have a structured and effective cleaning programme.

Overall, in order to keep your equipment in the best working condition, regular, effective cleaning and preventative maintenance are extremely important. Vision Commercial Kitchens can help you with this as we not only deliver full projects, but can also advise you on new pieces of equipment, log a service call and give you advice for ongoing service requirements. For all you foodservice equipment needs - don't hesitate to get in touch.

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